While there is no shortage when it comes to causes that are worthy of donations of time, money and effort, there are some that simply receive more support than others. In the world of cancer, pancreatic is a type that does not receive as much attention – or funding – as others. When the facts behind this form of the disease are considered, however, it becomes clear that more attention should be paid to this notorious killer.

Why Pancreatic Cancer Research Deserves Support

While the pursuit of better treatments, detection procedures and cures for cancer in general are all important, different forms of the disease often call for different types of care. With this in mind, pancreatic cancer deserves more attention and support for a number of reasons. Those looking for a cause to get behind will find this particular form of the disease has some alarming statistics that make funding research imperative:

  • The prevalence of diagnosis – Pancreatic cancer is considered the fourth-leading cause of all cancer-related deaths in America. An estimated 45,000 people are diagnosed with this disease annually.
  • Pancreatic cancer has the highest mortality rate – With a lack of solid detection tools, pancreatic cancer often goes unchecked for long periods of time, allowing it to grow and spread. Inasmuch, an estimated 94 percent of those diagnosed with the disease die within the first five years. An estimated 74 percent die in the first year following diagnosis.
  • Pancreatic cancer research is not well funded – Although this form of cancer is among the deadliest, research funding in this arena trails many other forms of cancer. In fact, pancreatic cancer research gets just a sliver of the money earmarked for cancer research by the National Cancer Institute.

Foundations dedicated to funding more research to tackle pancreatic cancer do exist. Their aim is to bolster the attention this form of the disease receives while providing researchers with the funding they need to find better treatments, tools and a potential cure. When it comes to finding a cause that is worthy of attention, pancreatic cancer research makes a stellar choice because of the harsh realities presently attached to this disease.