Peter Kenner was past president and owner of Kenner Printing, and founder and general partner of Tivoli Partners, an investment fund. He was drawn to the field of finance, ever curious and eager to learn more. He enjoyed helping people invest well in their own futures. Peter was also a renowned professional photographer, shooting fashion photography in Europe and reportage photography in the United States, artfully documenting such high-profile events as the McGovern Presidential Campaign and the Black Panthers movement. He attended Bard College in upstate New York, and later served on the boards of the Bard Music Festival and Claremont State Park, both located in the Hudson River Valley.

Peter and Barbara Kenner, his wife of 36 years, have two children, Nicholas and Kate. Peter valued basic things in life like connecting with friends on his daily walks in New York’s Central Park with his beloved sidekick, Chandler, his wheaten terrier, as well as spending time at the family’s country home, playing tennis, traveling the world, and taking pleasure in the company of and laughing with their many friends.