With recent studies linking gum disease to other illnesses that may occur, it can be highly beneficial to brush your teeth at least two times a day. One of these diseases is Pancreatic Cancer, and the maintenance of oral hygiene can ensure that your risk of getting the disease could be reduced.

  • Gum disease connected with cancer of the mouth: Swedish research scientists have stated that gum disease is clearly associated with not only mouth cancer, but numerous other types of cancers in the body as well. If you manage to catch the presence of periodontitis as soon as possible, you can reduce the risk of getting other cancers in the future.
  • These bacteria aid in the damaging of tissues, similar to that seen in cancer: Thanks to the sheer capability of the bacteria found in periodontitis to be highly virulent, they can spread throughout the body from the mouth. This may manifest as the mouth is inflamed, and due to this, the bacteria can pervade the rest of the body, all the way to the pancreas. Apart from it being vital to practice good oral hygiene, it can make a difference to your total health. Gum disease symptoms include bleeding when brushed, and bad smelling breath. It can also lead to damaging your jawbone, as well as an eventual loss of teeth.
  • More than ten thousand diagnoses of pancreatic cancer pop up each year: There are more than ten thousand cases of pancreatic cancer diagnosed each year. The disease manifests itself by pains in the stomach region or the back. Sudden weight-loss is also a symptom. The most prominent sign is when the eyes and the person’s skin turn yellow.