Pancreatic cancer networks work together to fight pancreatic cancer and save lives. This they do by investing in research, advocacy, clinical initiatives, and patient services. Their efforts are amplified by a network of support to help improve patient outcomes and increase survival rates.

Every year, research is carried out to find better ways of detecting pancreatic cancer while it is still localized. Scientists are working tirelessly to ensure that patients don’t face this disease alone. They also try to create awareness about its symptoms and risk factors. All these they do because of the inspiration they get from donors.

Here is how pancreatic cancer funding helps to transform patient lives:

  • Donations toward pancreatic cancer have helped scientists to make significant strides in research to implement clinical trials and develop new treatments for the disease. Through funding, clinical trials have been conducted to help develop precision treatments that will improve patient outcomes and increase the survival rates.
  • All donations for pancreatic cancer are geared towards building and sustaining a group of researchers to study the disease and support research from the laboratory to the clinic in order to improve the treatment options.
  • Pancreatic cancer funding has helped in research investments, including new large scale endeavors that help to revolutionize pancreatic cancer clinical trials and find better early detection strategies and techniques that will ensure better treatment outcomes.
  • More funding goes toward advocating for pancreatic cancer awareness. It is used to fund national pancreatic cancer advocacy days and panels that discuss significant progresses and challenges in the field. It also helps to raise awareness about the disease, its symptoms, and risk factors.

Every year, the urgency to end pancreatic cancer continues to rise, and so do the statistics.

For the past four years, the five-year survival rate for the disease has gone up by 9 percent as of today. If this keeps on, the goal of doubling pancreatic cancer survival by the year 2020 will be achieved.