The Sandler-Kenner Foundation was founded in memory of Michael Sandler and Peter Kenner who succumbed to pancreatic cancer. Since then, the foundation has dedicated its funds on supporting and improving the survivability of pancreatic cancer patients by developing highly sensitive tools for early identification of the disease. They are also committed to increasing the awareness of neuroendocrine and adenocarcinoma pancreatic cancers.

  • The studies on pancreatic cancer are limited due to directed focus on advanced symptomatic cancer. The biomarker research is also confined to samples from symptomatic patients. It is critical that the disease is studied early before symptoms manifest in order to make advances in early detection of pancreatic cancer. The disease also has limited options for treatment, and funds are being spent to find treatments that more comprehensive and effective for all the stages of the disease.
  • In their efforts to initiate and support the research for early detection of pancreatic cancer, Sandler-Kenner foundation partnered with Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic initiated a landmark study in a trial as a novel strategy to screen for pancreatic cancer. The studies were conducted on pancreatic cancer patients at Mayo Clinic and have the potential to provide a practical approach to diagnosing the disease at an early stage to help improve life expectancy.
  • The research for pancreatic cancer has not had adequate funding, but various sources, including Sandler-Kenner Foundation have continued to raise funds which with time will see pancreatic patients extend their lives with innovative treatments. Sandler-Kenner Foundation still provides funding for a wider scope of more in-depth research to help change the diagnostic and treatment approaches of the disease. Though slow, new developments are evolving in all areas of pancreatic cancer.

Much time is spent on developing new methods of diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer. Research is making great strides in new advances that will lead to more lifesaving developments in the treatment, prevention, and detection of this disease. With the dedication of researchers and adequate funding to support their work, more promising developments will come up to ensure that more defined ways of improving the approach to pancreatic cancer are devised.