The Sandler-Kenner Foundation is at the forefront of funding cutting-edge research that is geared toward better detection and treatment options for pancreatic cancer. The foundation also seeks to raise awareness about pancreatic cancer care and the needs of the patients facing this diagnosis. The Sandler-Kenner Foundation primarily focuses on improving the survivability of pancreatic cancer patients by developing highly sensitive and cost-effective tools that can easily be implemented by medical practitioners to ensure early identification of pancreatic cancer.

Here’s the reason why you should donate to pancreatic cancer:

  • Researchers are working feverishly to develop advanced tools to improve patient outcomes because pancreatic cancer support is a necessity. Even though the cause of pancreatic cancer is attributed to smoking, the majority of cases of pancreatic cancer have no known trigger. The survival rates are very low because patients with pancreatic cancer don’t survive long after diagnosis, and it is even worse to know that pancreatic cancer has no known diagnostic screening.
  • Pancreatic cancer has the lowest survival rates compared to other cancers. The non-profit organizations that support research for developing better diagnostics and treatments like the Sandler-Kenner Foundation still need more financial support to further their efforts. Offering straight donations and actively participating in fundraising events or any other kind of support will help improve the treatments and outcomes.
  • Raising awareness – The rates of diagnosis of pancreatic cancer keep increasing, but still many people are not aware of the disease and how it is taking away many lives. The best way to help is by donating to help raise awareness about pancreatic cancer and the need for more research and preventive measures.
  • Pancreatic cancer is still a deadly disease that requires much funding for the ongoing studies on the disease which are limited because of directed focus on the already advanced symptomatic cancer. Currently, the biomarker research is confined to the samples from symptomatic patients. If the disease is studied early before presenting symptoms, researchers will develop advances in early detection of pancreatic cancer. Right now the disease has limited options for treatment and funds are being spent to find more comprehensive and effective treatments for all the stages of the disease.

A lot of time is spent on finding new methods of diagnosing and treating pancreatic cancer. Research is making progress in the new advances that will help get lifesaving developments in the detection, treatment and prevention of the disease. The dedication of researchers, if supported by adequate funding, more promising developments will be discovered to ensure that the approach to pancreatic cancer is improved.