Facing pancreatic cancer is not easy for both patients and caregivers. Apart from the toll the disease takes on the body, it is mentally stressful and emotionally overwhelming. This is why Texas pancreatic cancer help centers offer more than treatment services. They create a network to effectively support patients and caregivers.

Benefits of joining a support group 

  • There is nothing more fulfilling than talking to a survivor. These people have walked a similar journey to the one you and your caregivers are on. When you ask them questions, ask about their experience and share your concerns with them, it will be affirming to hear from them.
  • On those days that you feel like giving up and when you need a shoulder to lean on, you can contact a volunteer via phone or email, and you can get the encouragement you need.
  • The journey of healing from pancreatic cancer can feel like a hopeless one. Talking to survivors will renew your hope and your determination to continue the journey to good health.
  • New research indicates a link between mental health and pancreatic cancer survival. The research found that patients who had support were less likely to suffer depression and anxiety giving a higher recovery rate and longer lifespan.
  • For caregivers, joining a Texas pancreatic cancer help center will equip you with all the information you need to learn about the disease, providing emotional support and catering to their physical needs.
  • It is crucial for caregivers to take care of themselves so they can provide the best possible care to the patient. Through a caregiver support group, you will learn to ask for help when overwhelmed, and find practical ways to stay healthy and emotionally balanced.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, finding a support group near you will help you cope better.