Pancreatic cancer is a diagnosis that will impact an estimated 53,000 Americans in the coming year. Considered one of the deadliest forms of the disease known to man, an estimated 43,000 people across the country will die from this cause in the next 12 months. While researchers work feverishly to develop better tools to improve patient outcomes, pancreatic cancer support is very much needed.

There are a number of ways people can become active in the quest to beat this disease. Here are just a few ideas on how anyone can get involved and provide pancreatic cancer support:

  • Help with fundraising efforts – Pancreatic cancer has one of the grimmest survival rates of all cancers, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to research funding. Nonprofit organizations that provide research grants for the development of better diagnostics and treatments are in continuous need of financial support to further their efforts. Straight donations, becoming active in fundraising events and other measures can go a long way toward improving treatments and outcomes.
  • Assist with raising awareness – Pancreatic cancer diagnosis rates are on the rise, but many people are still largely unaware of this form of the disease and the toll it takes on lives. Raising awareness about pancreatic cancer, the need for research and preventative measures is an important way to help.
  • Get involved with organizations that are working in the trenches – Some nonprofit organizations offer pancreatic cancer support directly to patients and their families. Getting involved with these groups can make a big impact on the community level. From driving patients to treatment appointments to assisting with support groups or other outreach efforts, giving time can also make a big difference.

As pancreatic cancer remains one of the deadliest forms of this disease, there are many important ways people can become involved. Helping provide pancreatic cancer support through awareness, fundraising and helping patients and families directly can all make a difference.