You can create a difference in the lives of many people through donating. Your $10 can support in building a health facility, sponsor researchers and doctors to seek further medical education or help reduce the cost of treatment.Ways through which you can donate:

  • Leave a legacy – You can make a lasting impact on future patients by including a research center in your bequest, will or financial plan.
  • Partnership – You can receive gifts by giving annual donations. Receive free cancer checks for any contribution you make above $1,000. You can also offer your services to help in caring for cancer patients, provide them with moral support, and give them hope.
  • Monthly donations – You can join a circle that donates monthly. Through monthly contributions, you can give hope and improve the lives of patients every month.
  • Host fundraising – You can create fundraising in your name. You can do this on your page and invite family and friends to donate. 
  • Honor a loved one – you may have lost your loved one due to lack of enough financing or medical care. Empower others today by creating a personalized tribute page in your loved one’s name and ask friends, colleagues, and family to donate. You will have honored your loved ones by ensuring other people benefit.  
  • Utilize workplace giving programs – You can register with your workplace donation program. Check with your employer and subscribe to various donation programs that match with you.
  • Shop purple – Show pride by wearing purple to any event and encourage people to donate.

Donations to a patient, caregiver or research gives hope and confidence for a bright future. Make someone smile today.