Pancreas is one of the most ignored organs in the human body, and it is missed in the routine checkups. However, the malignancies related to pancreatic cancer is quite high as the detection of such cancer is done quite late. The organ is located in between the spine, and the liver and thus early detection is not easy. In such a condition, it is detected in an advanced stage, and the survival rate is quite low. There are some pancreatic cancer facts that can make a person worry about it, but the doctors are trying their level best to find the early detection methods.

One of the most shocking facts about pancreatic cancer is that only 5% of the patients survive of five years. However, the rate is increasing as people are becoming more aware of their health and early detection is being done by the doctors. The survival rate is quite high when the cancer is detected early, and it also depends on the location of the cancer. Institutes are working towards finding diagnosis options, cure and management of cancer in patients which can turn out to be life saving. It is crucial to make a donation towards the research and help people get over the problem.