Pancreatic Cancer has been deemed to be in fourth place for the cause of cancer death in America. Research and studies show that in a year, 37,000 people will not survive this disease. It has been found that from the number of patients detected with pancreatic cancer, 6% of them will survive five years. Those who are diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer will not live more than 1 year.

This disease’s ugly statistics brings about the need for extensive research and development. The importance of finding a cure for this disease has not been at the top of the list. Various pancreatic cancer foundations have been set up throughout the United States of America, especially in the state of Texas.

Pancreatic cancer foundations have devoted millions of dollars for various research projects with the hope of bringing an evolution in the research of pancreatic cancer.

Although there have been many noteworthy scientific discoveries and findings of this dreadful disease, a lot more still needs to be done. There is still a long way to go in understanding and uncovering this disease.

The importance of research can help to find an early detection pancreatic cancer test. Not only that, it can pave the way for much more effectual long-term treatments. Who knows, we might just stumble across a cure.

At present, researchers and scientist are carefully studying the genetic code and growth of pancreatic cancer. Findings show that cancer grows slowly and gradually. It was also discovered that cancer instantly affected the pancreas itself. Funds are now being dedicated towards more advanced and progressive diagnostic tests that are sensitive enough to distinguish and identify the earliest of change in the pancreas.

Time, effort and money are spent on enhancing new techniques and methods on pancreatic cancer treatment. New, effective vaccines are made to help boost the patient’s immunity to help fight against pancreatic cancer. Improved drugs are being created to help shrink the tumors. Injections that precisely target and aim at the cancerous cells are also available.

The public is highly encouraged to volunteer and donate towards this profitable cause in fighting to end pancreatic cancer. By becoming a donor, you can help provide a chance for pancreatic patients to fight against this cancer.